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"Mana Collapses! A Stormy Culture Festival"
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Episode Summary: Whilst preparing for the school culture festival, Mana ends up catching a fever from being overworked and is ordered by Rikka to take the next day off. After hearing Rikka liken Mana to The Happy Prince, Aguri is shocked to learn the character doesn't have such a happy ending in his book, as he overspread his kindness until he was nothing but a heart of lead. Meanwhile, Beel gives Ira and Marmo new items called Blood Rings made from Leva and Gula's Janergy, putting them under his command. The next day, as Mana ignores doctor's orders and tries to help out, Aguri, worried that Mana will have the same fate the Happy Prince, forces her to rest and hazes the other students for relying on others too much. When the festival's campfire ends up falling apart after a student climbs on it, all of the students unit to put it back together, giving their thanks to Aguri for helping them sort out matters on their own. Just then, Ira targets a noisy customer, using the power of Blood Ring to create a stronger Coffee Cup Jikochu, which makes the Cures dizzy. Coming to understanding that, unlike the Happy Prince, Mana has the full support of her fellow students, Aguri uses her Lovely Pad to buy enough time for everyone to recover and use the Lovely Straight Flush to defeat the Jikochu. With the evening's campfire dance going as planned, Mana gives her thanks to Aguri for worrying about her.

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