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"Alice's Father Appears! Yotsuba Family Stay Meeting!"
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Episode Summary: As the girls have a sleepover at Alice's mansion, her father, who is often away on business, comes home. Alice tells the others of how she first came to meet Mana and Rikka when she was six. Having encountered her after stumbling into her garden, Mana and Rikka invited Alice, who had a frail body, out to play several times, making a promise to make a secret hideout. However, after Alice caught a fever, her father made plans to move her abroad to somewhere better for her health. Hearing Alice's wishes to stay with her friends, Mana and Rikka, with help from Sebastian, staged a rescue effort using the mansion's various traps and hidden passageways. Although they were eventually caught, Alice's father noted how much better her health had gotten since making friends with Mana and Rikka and decided to let her stay with them. Back in the present, Marmo targets a helicopter pilot to create a Helicopter Jikochu. After saving her father, Alice, remembering the word's Mana gave her back then, single-handedly takes on the Jikochu before defeating it with the others. Seeing off her father, Alice returns to telling the others her story.

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