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"No No Ai-chan! The Big Toothbrushing Plan!"
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Episode Summary: Ange explains that Ai is not only someone who gives the Cures power, but also serves as a shield to protect people's hearts from the Jikochu. With Ai entering her impulsive stage, Ange informs the girls that they'll need to raise properly, lest she lose her powers and allow the Jikochu to gain power. Discovering that Ai has grown her first baby teeth, the girls start training her to brush her teeth, only to discover that Makoto, who was unaware of the existence of cavities, has one herself. The girls take Makoto to the dentist to get it treated, but becomes scared of the dentist's instruments and runs off. As the girls try to convince Makoto to get her cavity treated, Marmo creates a Cavity Jikochu that Makoto is too afraid to fight against, which in turn causes Ai to cry and power up the Jikochu. Receiving some encouragement from Aguri, who reminds her of Ange, Makoto manages to overcome her fear and help defeat the Jikochu. Afterwards, Makoto gets her cavity fixed and encourages Ai to take care of her teeth.

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