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"Fix this Love Hate Relationship! Carrot vs. Aguri!"
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Episode Summary: Whilst teaching Ai not to be fussy about eating carrots, the girls notice Aguri isn't fond of carrots either. Feeling this may be a bad influence on Ai, the girls attempt to teach Aguri to like carrots with not much success. Hearing about a farmer named Aki who provides the Pig's Tail restaurant with carrots, Mana and the others take Aguri to his carrot field, where she learns about the love that goes into growing each carrot. However, Ira appears and creates a Gingerbread House Jikochu, trapping Aguri and Ai inside and using carrot monsters to scare Ai. Understanding the feelings behind carrots, Aguri overcomes her pickiness and takes a bite of carrot, filling her with power and allowing her and Ai to escape the house and defeat the Jikochu. As both Aguri and Ai find they like carrots after all, Regina awakens from her slumber.

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