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"Beel's Scheme! Ai Becomes a Jikochu!?"
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Episode Summary: Believing they'll be able to increase their power if they turn Ai into a Jikochu, Beel and the others use finger puppets to encourage Ai to play around at night. This results in Ai rekindling some of her rebellious behavior the next day. This carries on for several days as the Jikochu Trio spoil Ai and be less well behaved. After Sharuru spots Ai coming home early in the morning, Mana receives a letter of challenge from Beel calling her and the others to an abandoned factory, where they find Ai completely tempted by the Jikochu, giving the Trio more power. As Mana tries to bring Ai back to her senses, they are both trapped under a collapsed chimney caused by Ai's cries. After Mana reminds her of all the times they've spend together, Ai manages to cleanse the darkness in her heart, giving Aguri a boost in her power, allowing her to beat Ira and Marmo. Beel takes their Blood Rings to power himself, but the Cures manage to overpower him, destroying the Blood Rings in the process. As the girls contemplate that they may be ready to face King Jikochu, Regina returns to take command of the Jikochu Trio.

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