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"I've Come to See You! Regina Returns!"
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Episode Summary: Joe seemingly returns from hiding, telling the others that the key to awakening Ange may very well be her weapon, the Miracle Dragon Glaive, which currently lies in the Trump Kingdom. He escorts the girls to the Trump Kingdom and leads them through secret pathways, though the fairies start to grow suspicious of him. Upon arriving at the Dragon Glaive, the girls reveal that they were aware Joe was actually Beel in disguise, who was secretly trying to get them to remove the glaive from its resting spot, and just played along to get to the Trump Kingdom. Beel calls forth an Octopus Jikochu to fight the Cures, who find they are also unable to remove the glaive. Just then, Regina appears before Mana, who stands firm in her resolve to talk things through with her. However, the darkness within Regina fights back with her Janergy, powering up the Jikochu in the process. Although the Cures manage to defeat the Jikochu, Regina is suddenly able to take the glaive for herself, forcing the Cures to retreat back home.

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