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"I Must Decline! I Cannot Become a PreCure!!"
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Episode Summary: Alice brings Mana and Rikka to her mansion, revealing that she found Rance after they left him behind the other day. She then reveals that she knows of their Pretty Cure identities after spotting them on her security network. Alice decides to appoint herself as their 'Pretty Cure Producer', using her network to help the girls locate Jikochu and keep their identities safe. This helps Mana and Rikka defeat a Music Player Jikochu that Ira sets loose in town. However, Rance becomes depressed when Alice says she doesn't want to become a Pretty Cure herself, despite her having a Cure Lovies she received from the mysterious shopkeeper. Mana and Rikka explain to him about their childhood with Alice, where she got into a fight against some bullies who were badmouthing Mana, easily beating them up with the martial arts she was taught. Alice came to fear her own strength and vowed never to fight again, which is why she doesn't want to become a Pretty Cure. Whilst Mana and Rikka go off to fight a Boombox Jikochu, Rance goes again to talk to Alice, reminding her that power is to be used to protect those dearest to you. Overcoming her fear, Alice gains the power to transform into Cure Rosetta and helps Mana and Rikka defeat the Jikochu. Following the battle, Alice reveals she has also determined the identity of Cure Sword to be none other than Makoto. manages to save her. Hearing the plea of help from the heart inside the Jikochu, Mana gains a new Cure Lovies that enables her to use her purifying attack, My Sweet Heart, to defeat the Jikochu. Afterwards, Mana tries to make friends with Cure Sword, but she refuses, preferring to be alone. On the way back, Mana tells Rikka about her becoming a Pretty Cure, although she doesn't believe her. As Mana heads to Rikka's house to tell her more, she is promptly informed by Sharuru and her fellow fairies, Rakeru and Rance, that she is supposed to keep her identity a secret so that she doesn't drag others into her fight. Mana's attempts at keeping herself from telling Rikka about her identity only serves to make Rikka worry. Just then, Ira uses a student's heart to create a Traffic Light Jikochu, which starts causing havoc by freezing people in place. After getting the other students to safety, Mana decides to place her trust in Rikka and transform in front of her. Mana ends up getting frozen in place by the Jikochu's stop light, but Rikka manages to push a button on its back which changes its lights to green, allowing Mana to move again and defeat it. After the battle, Rikka gives her thanks to Mana for trusting in her.

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