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"Alice's Dream! The Flower that Connects Friends"
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Episode Summary: Wanting to fulfil a childhood dream she had, Alice is encouraged by her friends to set up her own flower shop at the flea market. However, Reina sets up her own flower shop to compete against hers. Although Reina initially attracts more business with her boastful range of flowers, Alice starts to appeal to customers with her salesman skills. Just then, Regina appears and wilts all the flowers, but Alice and Reina manage to save a few small sproutlings, with Alice recalling how it was Reina who taught her how to take care of flowers. They soon discover the cause of the wilting is a Tree Jikochu that Regina has put into orbit. Thus, Alice decides to heads off into space to confront Regina and try and show her the beauty of flowers. When Regina resists, the other Cures come to help Alice with assistance from Reina, who learned of Alice's idenitity. As Alice defends Regina's attacks, her love for the cosmos flower starts to reach Regina, allowing the Cures to defeat the Jikochu, restoring all the plants to normal. Reconfirming her friendship with Reina, Alice resolves to work harder to protect everyone's smiles.

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