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"To My Most Important Person! Aguri's Class Visit!"
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Episode Summary: Following another battle with the Jikochu, Aguri is spotted by Mari as she transforms back from being Cure Ace. Later that night, Mari tries to explain to Aguri that she always knew of her role as Cure Ace. She reveals how, one year ago, she discovered Aguri as a baby that had fallen from the sky, who suddenly transformed into the form of a ten-year old when a Jikochu appeared before them, with a mysterious voice asking Mari to take care of her. Upon hearing this, Aguri suddenly becomes anxious and runs off to Mana's house, where she finds herself facing a lot of questions about her memory of fighting a Jikochu, the dreams she had been having about Ange, and just who she really is. With Aguri unable to face Mari, Mana and the others decide to have her sleep over for the night, helping her remember what's important. The next day, as Mari shows up for a parent's visit at Aguri's school, Regina creates an Eraser Jikochu to erase all of the children's drawings of their most important people. Aguri gets upset when the Jikochu erases her drawing, but Mari stands up for her, assuring her that her feelings have been received, giving her the strength to beat the Jikochu and restore the drawings, before returning home with Mari.

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