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"The Destined Showdown! Ace vs. Regina"
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Episode Summary: Joe reveals he has found one of the three legendary treasures, the Eternal Golden Crown. When Aguri touches the crown, she is suddenly flooded with memories containing the truth of what happened in the Trump Kingdom. Aguri calls together Makoto and Joe in private, revealing that Ange was never trapped inside the crystal to begin with and telling them everything she learned. Believing she herself is fated to fight against Regina, Aguri takes Makoto and Joe to the Trump Kingdom and confronts Regina, wagering her Golden Crown against Regina's Dragon Glaive. As the two girls push each other to their very limits, with Makoto and Joe unable to do anything but spectate, Beel sends some Jikochu to attack them in their weakened states, but Mana, Rikka, and Alice, who had learned of Aguri's sudden disappearance from Eru, arrive to save Aguri and Regina. After the Jikochu are defeated, Aguri states that it is her destiny to fight Regina, revealing to Mana and the others that she and Regina are the light and darkness of Marie Ange.

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