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"Ace and Regina! The Truth Behind Their Birth!"
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Episode Summary: Using the Golden Crown, Aguri shows Mana, Regina and the others the history of the Trump Kingdom. Ange, whose mother died shortly after her birth, was raised lovingly by her father, the King. One day, Ange was struck by a deadly illness caused by a blob of darkness. In order to save her life, the King broke free the Golden Crown, which was by the legendary Pretty Cure to seal away a dark evil, in order to obtain the knowledge to cure her. Although Ange was able to be cured, the darkness escaped and enveloped the King, transforming him into King Jikochu, forcing Ange to seal him using the Dragon Glaive. After helping Makoto to escape to the human world, Ange was cornered by Beel, who attempted to turn her into a Jikochu. In order to prevent that, Ange split her psyche, separating her love for her kingdom and her love for her partner, which would become Regina and Aguri, whilst she herself reverted to an egg who would eventually become Ai. After everything has been revealed to them, Regina decides to side with King Jikochu, who is awakened from his slumber. With King Jikochu and Regina arriving in the human world to try and destroy it, Mana and the others stand to defend it.

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