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"Heart-Pounding Full Throttle! PreCure vs. King Jikochu!"
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Episode Summary: Learning that the Trump Kingdom's King is trapped inside King Jikochu's heart, Mana decides they need to venture inside King Jikochu to rescue him. In the process, she casually blurts out her identity to the public, who give their support to the Cures as they break through the Jikochu's defenses and head inside King Jikochu's body. As Alice, Rikka, and Makoto stay behind to fend off the Jikochu, Mana, Aguri, Regina, and Ai arrive at the heart, where they are confronted by several Jikochu Cells. When they are suddenly put in a pinch, the King's love for his family emerges, giving Mana the power to vanquish the cells, allowing Aguri and the others to rescue the King and destroy King Jikochu. However, before the Cures can celebrate their victory, Beel swallows the remaining fragment of King Jikochu to gain his power.

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