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"Deliver It To You! My Sweet Heart"
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Episode Summary: Contrary to his plans, Beel is consumed by King Jikochu's power, which transforms into the ultimate being from 10,000 years ago, Proto-Jikochu. As the Cures, aided by Regina, struggle to fight against him, Proto-Jikochu attempts to use his Janergy to steal Mana's Psyche. However, her Psyche manages to resist the darkness and return to Mana, who combines herself with the power of the Cures and the three treasures to transform into her 'Parthenon Mode', using its power to completely overwhelm Proto-Jikochu. Assuring him that love will always be around to resist selfishness, Mana purifies Proto-Jikochu, bringing the human world and the Trump Kingdom back to its former glory. Afterwards, the spirit of Ange appears before the girls, stating that, even though she can no longer return to her previous form, she will continue to live on in Ai, Aguri, and Regina. Some time later, Regina joins Mana at school, whilst the Trump Kingdom is made into a republic, with Joe as its president, which is connected to the human world. Meanwhile, Mana and the Cures continue to serve as Pretty Cures, protecting the world from danger. So, Mana, Rikka, Alice, Makoto and Aguri toward to face for the new future. But, what will happen to Megumi, Hime, Yuko and Iona...

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