Doki Doki! Precure Episode 5 English Subbed

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"No Way! That Girl is Cure Sword??"

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Episode Summary: After explaining her reasons for believing Makoto is Cure Sword, Alice uses her connections to get Mana and Rikka into a television studio where Makoto is rehearsing for a TV appearance. Mana decides to ask Makoto directly to be her ally, but she snaps back at her, saying her performance is too important. As Mana becomes downhearted by this, she and the others are approached by Makoto's manager, who explains how Makoto had always worked hard to bring smiles to others with her music, showing Mana her performance to show her what it means. Just then, Marmo targets another idol who was jealous of Makoto's popularity and creates a Star Jikochu which starts attacking Makoto. As Mana and the others risk themselves in order to protect Makoto's important concert, Cure Sword appears and defeats the Jikochu before leaving just as mysteriously. Having failed to properly talk with Makoto following the incident, Mana receives a letter from Makoto's manager, inviting her to a handshake meet with Makoto, giving her a chance to express how she felt about her music.

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