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"What a Surprise! MakoP is Coming to My House!?"

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Episode Summary: Wanting her to take a change of pace from singing all the time, Makoto's manager arranges for her to appear on a cooking show, which Makoto decides to have at The Pig's Tail restaurant where Mana lives. However, the rehearsal goes horribly wrong as Makoto has no experience with cooking to the point that she didn't even know eggs were food. Wanting to help her out, Mana and the others decide to help Makoto learn how to make omurice in a way that she finds easy to learn. Thanks to all her practice, Makoto manages to put up a delicious piece of food on the day of filming that she shares with the others, reminded her of the heart she used to put into her songs. As Makoto starts to open up to the others, Ira targets the cameraman and creates a Pig Jikochu which starts eating everything in the restaurant, including the restaurant itself, in order to grow bigger. Not wanting the pig to eat the omurice she made with her new friends, Makoto finally reveals her identity as Cure Sword to the others, with her manager also revealed to be her fairy partner, Davi, and defeats the Jikochu. Just as Makoto decides to join up with the other Cures, they are approached by the third member of the Jikochu Trio, Beel, who banishes them to another world.

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