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"An Intense Battle! Farewell, PreCure!!"

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Episode Summary: The girls find themselves in the ruined Trump Kingdom, separated from their partners and beholding the fiercesome King Jikochu looming in the distance. As Davi helps the other fairies search for the girls, both she and Makoto explain what happened to the Trump Kingdom. Makoto was once a warrior and songstress who served the Trump Kingdom's princess, Marie Ange. Then one day, the kingdom was attacked by the Jikochu, who turned the hearts of its citizens into its large army. Ange managed to seal King Jikochu into a dormant state, but exhausted her energy in doing so. After sending the newly born Sharuru, Rakeru and Rance to search for the PreCure, Makoto and Ange escaped through a portal but become separated when Ange chooses to defend Makoto from Beel's attacks. Finding herself on Earth, Makoto became an idol in the hopes that her songs would one day reach Ange. Makoto explains that King Jikochu gains power from the 'janergy' created from Jikochu, but requires Ann in order to undo the seal placed upon him. The girls are soon chased after by a gang of Frog Jikochu. Makoto tells the girls to leave her behind, but Mana and the others insist that they want to help restore the Trump Kingdom. The group start making their way to the castle, where the mirror that leads to Earth lies. Upon arriving however, they encounter Beel, who cracks the mirror, seemingly trapping them in the Trump Kingdom. Luckily, Mana gives the others courage by theorising they can still use Beel's power to send them back. Reuniting with their partners and transforming, the Cures combine their powers to beat back Beel before using one of the remaining fragments of the mirror to warp back to Earth. Arriving back safely, the girls make a promise to find Ange and return the Trump Kingdom to its former glory.

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