Dokidoki! Precure Episode 20 English Subbed

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"The Crystal's Guidance! To the Princess!"

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Episode Summary: With Sebastian's help, the girls, along with Joe, head towards some snowy mountains where the crystals were last spotted. Arriving at the top of the mountain, they encounter Regina and the Jikochu Trio, who are also searching for the crystals. In the ensuing battle, both Mana and Regina end up falling through a crack in the mountain and wind up in an underground cave. There, the crystals appear and reveal the location of Ange, who is trapped in ice, before losing their power, bringing Regina back to her senses. Although she curiously finds her own powers have stopped working, she manages to reaffirm her friendship with Mana. As the others arrive, the Jikochu Trio send in a Snowman Jikochu to get in their way. Although the Cures manage to defeat the Jikochu, the Jikochu Trio capture Ange and Regina.

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