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"Unlikely Alliance"
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Episode Summary: In order to get Goku to join him, Raditz kidnaps Gohan and orders Goku to kill 100 Earthlings before the next day. Goku tries to stop him, but not even he could stop his brother's power. Even though he's no match for him, Goku will do whatever it takes to save his son. Krillin and Roshi volunteer to join Goku and save Gohan, however Goku refuses. He tells them that once the Eternal Dragon grants a wish, he will not grant it again, hence the two cannot be resurrected again. Suddenly, Piccolo appears and proposes that he and Goku team up in order to stop Raditz. He had seen Raditz's power while the Saiyan was looking for Goku, and he knows that neither of them are a match for this alien. Raditz returns to the location of his landing pod, leaving Gohan in the pod. His eye piece detects a large power level coming from Gohan, but ignores it thinking that it's malfunctioning. Using the radar to find Gohan and Raditz, Goku and Piccolo arrive and shed their equipment, unknowingly raising their power levels.

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