DragonBall Z Remastered Episode 5 English Subbed

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"Gohan's Rage"
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Episode Summary: As Raditz tortures Goku, Gohan bursts out of Raditz's spaceship and hurls himself into Raditz with incredible power that stuns and injures the Saiyan. However, Gohan's power disappears as quickly as it surfaced, leaving him defenseless against his father's attacker who quickly hits Gohan knocking him out. Raditz intends to kill Gohan, who he views as the only person capable of defeating them. In a last-ditch effort to save his son, Goku gets Raditz in a hold that leaves both of them open to Piccolo's ultimate technique. Goku urges Piccolo to use it, even if it costs his own life. Piccolo then starts to wonder whether or not he should use it. Despite Raditz's pleas for mercy, Piccolo lets loose his attack, which kills both Goku and Raditz. Thinking they've already won, Piccolo tells Raditz (who's slowly dying) about the dragon balls. Once he's heard everything, Raditz tells Piccolo that his eyepiece is also a transmitter and that in one year's time, two more Saiyans, more powerful than Raditz, will arrive on Earth to avenge his murder. Goku lives to see Bulma, Roshi and Krillin arrive and hear that Gohan is alive, but thereafter dies, his body taken by Kami. Far away in another planet, Napa and Vegeta plan to visit Earth and wish for immortality using the Dragon Balls.

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