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"Never Before Seen"
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Episode Summary: Mikado runs into the red-haired girl, who is being chased by Celty, and helps her escape. That night, Mikado tells Masaomi what happened and he hardly believes it. Mikado has thoughts about how he wanted an extraordinary life and decides to allow the girl to stay with him. Later, at school, Masaomi makes a list of the names of students suspected of being members of the Dollars, for the other students to vote on which people they suspect of being a part of the group. Mikado notices a student, Takeguchi, who has only one vote. Masaomi says he placed that one vote and suspects that Takeguchi is a member and seeks him out. After finding him, Takeguchi admits to being a member of the Dollars. He adds that he was invited by a text message from a stranger and says that he joined because he liked the lack of rules and hierarchy. Masaomi and Mikado decide to keep this a secret. After school, Mikado leaves with Anri. When they start to walk home, they are stopped by a rowdy looking man and woman, who appear to be angry at Mikado. The woman says she had to buy a new cell phone because of what Izaya did. The guy starts threatening Mikado when Celty and Izaya show up. Celty knocks out the man and Izaya, after scaring away the woman, tells Mikado he wants to talk to him and asks why Celty is there. Mikado realizes Celty must be looking for the red-haired girl and heads home, but is closely tailed by Celty and Izaya. Mikado decides to hear them out, so Celty tells Mikado about her self and how she is searching for her head. Mikado agrees to lead Celty to the girl and clear up the misunderstanding. Meanwhile, Togusa and his three friends begin to chase a van because their vehicle was dented by a pebble. When Mikado, Izaya, and Celty arrive to meet the girl, Mikado finds she is missing and is pinned down by some men who are also searching for the girl. The men escape after Izaya and Celty breaks into the room. Izaya identifies them as agents of the Yagiri Drug Manufacturing Company. Mikado comes up with a plan to save the girl and decides to reveal his membership with the Dollars to Celty and Izaya. Mikado does the partial narration.

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    Dat Index light novel doe

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    Harima mika is celty that guy kill her and put celty head in her place sh*t why dont i notice it sooner?.
    Yagiri seiji kill her proply it him -_- does anyone notice it too or am i the only one?.

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