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"Storm and Stress (Sturm und Drang)"
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Episode Summary: Shinra asks Celty if finding her head really matters after all the new memories she developed since, and asks her to marry him. Mikado phones Namie proposing a deal. Mikado claims he has Mika and demands the truth behind what she has done to Mika, which she reveals while Kadota brings Mika to Celty at the roof of a building. Mikado, disgusted by the truth, asks Namie to turn herself in. Before he is reached by her guards stationed around the meeting place, Mikado sends a message from his phone, which gets sent to practically everyone around them and causes a spectacular commotion. It is then revealed that these people are all members of the Dollars who have gathered for a flash mob-like meeting and that it is Mikado himself who started the Dollars group. The group's history is then explained in a series of flashbacks. During the commotion, Mikado escapes into the crowd. Celty, seeing Mika in front of her, realizes that getting her head back is nearly impossible at this point, and, disregarding the potential consequences of her action, makes a grand entrance into the middle of the crowd and defeats Namie's bodyguards. In the process, Celty allows herself to be revealed as headless, eliciting various reactions from the incredulous crowd. Namie escapes in the chaos, while Seiji suddenly appears from behind to attack Mikado after learning his identity and his involvement with the red-haired girl.

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