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"Yin and Yang"
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Episode Summary: It is discovered that Mika Harima is actually alive, and that Celty's head is being held by Yagiri Pharmacy. Mika survived Seiji's brutal attack at his apartment and was given a choice by Namie, by having her face reconstructed to be like Celty's. Shinra was the surgeon responsible for Harima's operation, and kept the secret from Celty, out of fear of losing her because of her head's will. After Shinra and Celty get things straight, they promise not to have any more secrets between each other. Izaya hints to Mikado being one of his chatmates online. In the aftermath of the Dollars' meeting, Seiji reluctantly accepts Mika as his girlfriend until he finds Celty's head again, and the pair resume school. Mikado is about to get into a possible relationship with Anri, and Celty accepts and enjoys her own existence, even though she has not yet found her head. Izaya takes Namie under his protection and wants to work together, revealing Celty's head to be in his possession.

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