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"Turmoil Reigns"
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Episode Summary: Anri and several others are attacked by the Slasher every night. Someone named Saika appears on the web, writing mysterious messages. Mikado is bothered by the rumors that the Slasher attacks are being perpetrated by the Dollars, and asks Celty for help. Celty eventually learns from Shinra that his father previously acquired a sword to separate the link between Celty's head from her body, and later had the weapon sold to a second-hand antique dealer. Shizuo offers to help Celty take care of The Slasher when she goes out to search for the culprit. As Anri goes back home after parting ways with Mikado and Masaomi, she ends up at the place where she was spared by The Slasher days ago. The Slasher comes up behind her and prepares to strike.

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