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"Dumb Like a Fox"
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Episode Summary: After heading back home from a long day of work, Niekawa is attacked by the Slasher who stabs him with a kitchen knife. After he survives the attack, with no memory of the incident, Niekawa is possessed by The Slasher's spirit and directed to look for Anri, who was heading back home. As he attempts to attack, Kyohei and his gang knock Niekawa down and rescue Anri; however, Niekawa gets back up to attack a second time, but is knocked down by Celty on her bike with Shizuo in tow. Upon seeing Shizuo, the demonic spirit in Shuji professes its love for him. Shizuo is enraged on hearing The Slasher's confession and rips out Saburo's van door to bludgeon Shuji.

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