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"Mutual Love"
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Episode Summary: Just as Shizuo defeats Shuji, Celty takes the knife he drops and shows it to Shinra, claiming that it could be Saika. Haruna Niekawa, the daughter of Shuji, visits Anri to discuss about Nasujima, the teacher who harasses Anri. Celty decides to go for Shizuo, who had left to fight Izaya, who could be a target of Saika. Shizuo, now liking his own power for the first time, decides to fight back. While Nasujima is being chased by a possessed Haruna, Anri is attacked by multiple Saika-hosts. Haruna then is able to corner Nasujima; however, when Anri asks her to stop slashing people, Haruna attacks her, but is left unharmed as Anri reveals she is in fact, the true wielder of Saika.

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