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"Everything Changes"
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Episode Summary: Anri pokes Niekawa with Saika, and shows her a flashback of how she became its wielder. Meanwhile, Shizuo beats up Niekawa's "Saika children", flashing back to his past. Anri then assimilates Niekawa's Saika, and as a result, takes control of all of the Saikas in Ikebukuro. Mikado later visits Anri at the hospital, and after realizing she had met "unusual people", warns her to stay away from the non-normal. As a result of Niekawa's assimilation, Anri has gained her and all of the Saika's memories; she suspects that Izaya is up to something. Mikado is later shown contacting members of the Dollars, asking for information about the Slasher. Izaya is revealed to be behind several events in the Slasher arc; he caused a split of the city's population into different "factions" – Saika and Anri's army, the Yellow Scarves, and the Dollars – and knows that they will fight amongst each other. Masaomi, not knowing Anri Sonohara's true nature, regains his position as the leader of the Yellow Scarves. He suspects the Dollars to be responsible for her injuries, and vows revenge.

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