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"Out of Your Control"
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Episode Summary: While Mikado and Masaomi were walking Anri from the hospital after she had recovered, Masaomi gets a phone call from the Yellow Scarves and runs off, Mikado and Anri oblivious. Masaomi, resuming his lead role of the Yellow Scarves, retells his past of him and a girl named Saki Mikajima. Walker invades the Blue Squares hideout and he saves Saki, driving off with Kadota and the rest of the gang. Later on, Saki is put in the hospital and Masaomi tells them that he cannot bear to visit Saki, because he wants to break up with her. Masaomi leaves the Yellow Scarves, meets up with Mikado, and joins Raira Academy. Back in the present day, Masaomi rejoins the Yellow Scarves to take revenge on The Slasher, whom he believes is part of the Dollars, for hurting Anri. The Yellow Scarves report that they had spotted a girl invading their territory, and Masaomi asks for them to capture her harmlessly. The girl turns out to be Anri, shocked to believe that Masaomi is part of the Yellow Scarves.

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