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"Highly Unpredictable"
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Episode Summary: Mikado and Masaomi begin the school year in different classes. Seiji Yagiri arrives late and states he would not be attending school anymore. The girl who was kidnapped, Rio Kamichika, is revealed to be in Masaomi's class. In middle school, she discovered that her father was cheating on her mother and eventually told her mother; however, nothing was made of this. She confided this to an online friend named Nakura, who was experiencing similar problems. The pair decide to meet to commit suicide together. Kamichika meets a man claiming to be Nakura, only to be kidnapped and rendered unconscious. The headless woman rescues her and takes her to a building. On the roof, Kamichika meets the real Nakura. He reveals he had her kidnapped and that he was also the one who had her rescued, just to see her reaction. He leads Rio Kamichika to the edge of the roof and tells her that many have jumped off there. Nakura persuades her to believe she is not special and that everyone is the same in the end. When he leaves, Kamichika jumps off the roof, but is rescued by shadows controlled by the headless woman. She explains through her cell phone that the world is not as cruel as Kamichika thought. Afterward, Kamichika forgives her parents. Mikado and Masaomi see Anri Sonohara, a female student in Mikado's class, trying to talk to Seiji. Nakura, revealed to be Izaya Orihara, tells the headless woman that saving Kamichika was not part of her job as a porter. When she asked if he was responsible for the others that jumped, he denies it, but states that he will not stop someone who wants to die. Celty does the narration for this episode.

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