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"A New King Will Arise"
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Episode Summary: Masaomi looks into matters concerning the leader of the Dollars. He confronts Kyohei Kadota, a former Blue Squares member, who might know something. Kadota gives Masaomi semi-useful information, but it still is not enough. Anri becomes uneasy around Masaomi, since she knows that he is the leader of the Yellow Scarves. Masaomi goes to Izaya for advice, and there, Izaya reveals to Masaomi that Mikado is the leader of the Dollars. At the meeting for Yellow Scarves, Masaomi orders everyone not to harm the Dollars for the moment being, since there was not enough information to declare war. Meanwhile, a member of Dollars, whom Mikado and Masaomi had met before, is severely beaten in the streets by several Yellow Scarves members, despite Masaomi's orders. The next day, Masaomi tells Mikado and Anri that he will be visiting the hospital to see the injured Dollars member, increasing Mikado's anxiety.

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  1. BananaWatchinAnimes

    Jul 16th, 2015

    Wasn’t that a Tiga Puppet from Tora Dora the 2 were playing with?

  2. Pathetic

    May 17th, 2016

    yup, along with Horo from Spice and Wolf ;) HAHA I love all those various anime/manga references throughout this anime

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