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"Declaration of Disbandment"
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Episode Summary: Anri is being taken away by the Yellow Scarves gang, but Mikado asks the Dollars to help her. Izaya sees this too and decides to observe from afar. She escapes with the help of various members of the Dollars, but is spotted again until Masaomi secretly helps her escape from them. He then asks her what she wants from all this and accuses her of tricking him while sucking up to Mikado. Disgusted by these accusations, Anri slaps him and walks away. Anri is once again found by the Yellow Scarves, but saved by Shizuo and taken to safety in Celty's house. Celty then lets Anri live with her for the time being. After an increasing amount of violent attacks by the Yellow Scarves, resulting in severe injuries, Mikado disbands the Dollars. Meanwhile, Celty decides to bring Mikado to her house to convince him to stop the gang war, and also so that he can tell Anri the truth about himself. Masaomi calls Mikado repeatedly, but he refuses to answer the phone calls. At the same time, members of the Yellow Scarves shoot Shizuo and falsely claim that Masaomi had ordered them to do so.

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  1. Flash

    Jun 2nd, 2013

    Amazing yet mind f*****g anime ‘-’

  2. Ravenology

    Jan 19th, 2015

    The reason why I continued to watch this is because it triggers my CURIOSITY! and the twists and turns of events \m/

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