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"Complicated and Confused"
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Episode Summary: Masaomi learns that he has been marooned by the Yellow Scarves. Celty confronts Mikado and reveals the truth about Masaomi and Anri. Meanwhile, Shizuo knocks on Shinra's door, heavily wounded by the gun shots. Shinra gives him medical treatment while Shizuo swears to kill Masaomi and the Yellow Scarves for shooting him. Anri then runs away, wanting to warn Masaomi. Masaomi returns to the Yellow Scarves hideout and learns that the Blue Squares have taken over from the inside. He is there knowing that he cant run away from his past and Izaya was right about that. He is prepared to die then and there. He then attempts to kill Horoda, now that he has no affiliation with them. Masaomi is beaten badly by the Yellow Scarves and defends himself until Horoda is about to shoot him, but one of Saika's children in the Yellow Scarves prevents him from shooting. Anri flees into the hideout, followed by Mikado and Celty on her motorcycle.

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