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"Selfless Devotion"
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Episode Summary: Half of the Blue Squares-turned-Yellow Scarves members counterattack against Horoda, as they reveal themselves, as Kadota and more than thirty of his friends, who are all from the Dollars. Masaomi then tells Anri and Makado that they are perfect for each other just before he goes unconscious. Masaomi is then taken to the hospital by Mikado and Anri, while Celty chases Horoda who managed to escape the warehouse. While running away with the rest of his main gang, they encounter Shizuo, who hurls a big sign post and destroys the roof of their car. Celty then stops, knowing that they encountered Shizuo, but the Ikebukuro police manage to eventually arrest Horoda and his gang. Masaomi is put into the hospital as Anri confronts Izaya, telling him her desire to kill him after he was the one actually behind all of the problems they had encountered. Izaya manages to escape Anri, telling her that he is not weak if he can manage to go up against Shizuo. While Izaya walks home, he meets Simon, but he immediately punches Izaya in the eye, proceeding to talk in Russian about what Izaya did. Back in the hospital, Masaomi wakes up to Saki standing in his room and they confess their love to each other. The next day, Masaomi and Saki leave Ikebukuro together, leaving Mikado and Anri on their own. That night, the Dollars is revived, as Mikado notices that Masaomi had joined the chat. The Blue Squares are having problems, while the Yellow Scarves have calmed down. Masaomi and Saki are last seen leaving on a train, while Mikado and Anri stand on the top of their school building, saying that Masaomi would come back.

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