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"Rampant Evil"
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Episode Summary: Anri Sonohara and Mikado become class representatives. While wandering around, Mikado and Kida meet Yumasaki, Karisawa, and Kadota. When Mikado asks Masaomi's friends about the Dollars gang, Kadota tells him that they are too dangerous to approach. Meanwhile, Anri Sonohara searches for a girl named Harima. She mistakes the red-haired girl for Harima then apologizes and runs away. Mikado and Kida continue to wander around and finds three girls and a gang member bullying Sonohara. As Mikado thinks of a way to rescue her, Izaya Orihara walks by and pushes Mikado between Sonohara and the trio of girls. Izaya then scares the bullies away. Afterward, Masaomi reluctantly introduces Mikado to Izaya. Izaya tells the two that he came to Ikebukuro to meet someone. Their conversation is interrupted by a flying trash can that hits Izaya. Shizuo Heiwajima appears and attacks Izaya for framing him for a crime. Izaya escapes, and Shizuo throws a vending machine at him. Simon jumps down from a nearby building and stops the vending machine, saving Izaya. As Shizuo confronts Simon, Mikado and Sonohara runs away leaving Masaomi behind. They stop at a park, and she thanks him and runs off. That night, Shizuo talks to the headless woman and asks why Izaya was in Ikebukuro. Simon narrates this episode, albeit without the Russian 'accent'.

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