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"Utterly Alone"
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Episode Summary: Shinra Kishitani, an unlicensed underground doctor, talks to the headless woman, whose name is revealed to be Celty Sturluson, about her day using a chat room. That morning, Celty learned from Izaya that an old street artist saw a dullahan missing its head. Celty quickly goes to find the man, but cannot find him. Shizuo knows where the artist is and helps her talk to him. However, they find that the artist could not draw the dullahan's head. Shinra tells Celty to give up looking for her head so they can live together forever. Celty becomes upset and leaves. It is revealed that during that morning, Shinra was the man that told the artist that the dullahan was perfect without the head. The episode is in Shinra's point of view.

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