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"False Advertising"
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Episode Summary: A teacher named Nasujima tries to molest Sonohara, but Masaomi prevents him from doing so. Mikado and Masaomi warn her to stay away from Nasujima. Anri tells them about her friend Mika Harima and how both girls used the other to make herself look better. Shortly before school began, Harima disappeared. However, Mika sent her parents and Anri a text message saying that she took a vacation to relieve her grief, possibly referring to how Seiji rejected Mika because she stalked him. Mikado and Masaomi believe that the police should handle her disappearance. As Masaomi walks home, he tells himself that he must keep Mikado away from Ikebukuro's dark side because Masaomi himself has already been there. As he stands outside the window of a pale girl, he notes that he gained courage since Mikado came to Ikebukuro. Mikado sees Seiji and the red-haired girl and runs after them. Masaomi believes Mikado is being chased by a gang and tries to rescue him; however, he is cornered by the Yellow Scarf gang. Seiji tells Mikado not to interfere with his elopement. Mikado finds the Yellow Scarves threatening Masaomi and tries to stop them, but he gets cornered as well. Meanwhile, Celty retrieves a package from a man. She is attacked by a shadowy slasher (that strangely looks like a longer-haired version of Anri) and her helmet is sliced off. The man runs away and the slasher chases him. Celty's wounds whisper that she is a monster, saddening her. The man runs past the Yellow Scarves and the shadowy slasher instead attacks the gang, while Kida and Mikado escape. Masaomi believes he gained enough confidence to visit the pale girl. As she looks at the spot Masaomi was standing before, Izaya visits her. Her cell phone mysteriously displays a picture of her and Masaomi. This episode is narrated by Masaomi Kida.

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