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"Active Interest"
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Episode Summary: In Ikebukuro, people have been missing lately and it is rumored that the missing people are being used as raw materials for experiments. Yumasaki, Karisawa, Togusa, and Kadota chase a van. Earlier, a little boy watched suspicious men approach a building housing illegal immigrants. They kidnap a man named Kaztano. Meanwhile, Yumasaki, Karisawa Togusa, and Kadota go out to eat. Kadota receives a strange message from Kaztano and ignores it. The kidnappers attempt to drug Kaztano, but the drug is spilled all over one of them and it starts to make them all drowsy. Kaztano manages to convince the others to dump the now-asleep kidnapper who got spilled all over by the roadside. Kadota and his friends learn that Kaztano was kidnapped and get the van's license plate number from the little boy. Shinra learns about Kaztano's kidnapping and sends Celty to retrieve him. Elsewhere, Namie Yagiri, chief of Yagiri Pharmaceuticals, tells her assistant that the supply of materials must be increased substantially. After he leaves, Namie thinks about Seiji and a head floating in a jar. Celty finds that Shinra gave her a shopping list instead of the van's license plate numbers, but she is unable to contact him. Kadota and his friends decide to call Kaztano's phone. Izaya, who happened to pass by the unconscious kidnapper possessing Kaztano's phone, answers them. Immediately after, Shizuo attacks Izaya. The four find the henchman, thanks to directions from Izaya, and are able to find the exchange point after calling the kidnappers using the unconscious henchman's phone. Kadota, while remembering the history of the Dollars, remembers that the four of them were already friends when Kadota was invited into the Dollars. The four joined, but neither they nor anyone else has seen the leader, although Kadota suspects that it is Izaya. The four retrieve Kaztano and capture one of the henchman kidnappers, who reveals that they kidnap people who would not be missed and takes them to the Yagiri Pharmaceutical Company for human testing. Kadota narrates the episode.

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