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"Ephemeral Dream"
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Episode Summary: Celty has a recurring dream of finding her head, but is unable to reclaim it. As Shinra explains the connection between dreams and memories, she wonders if she loves him. Because she has the day off, Shinra takes the day off too, and Celty decides to cook for him. Elsewhere, Kadota waits outside the Yagiri Pharmaceutical Company but leaves after deciding not to investigate further. Afterward, a young man attacks the company gates with firecrackers strapped to himself. Although Shinra is overjoyed with the quality of Celty's cooking, she believes he is forcing himself to eat and gets rid of the food. Celty leaves the house after they have an argument about her memories and her missing head. Shortly after, a client arrives to tell Shinra he has a patient. Meanwhile, Sonohara's shoes have gone missing. Masaomi tracks down the culprit, leaving Mikado and Anri to locate the shoes. After Anri goes home, Mikado finds them. As Shinra treats the young man at Yagiri Pharmaceuticals, the client reminds him that Namie needs him to keep her secret. Celty later accompanies Shinra to dinner, and the pair receive fortune cookies. Celty's fortune reads "You will find what you are looking for", and Shinra's fortune reads "Your love will not come true", which Shinra hides from Celty. Seiji tells the red-haired girl that he loves her and calls her Celty. For the first time in a while, Celty has a dream of when she was whole. In her dream, her head resembles that of the red-haired girl that Seiji is with. Celty does the partial narration in this episode.

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    that girl have celty’s head ………………………………….. this sure is weird im guessing that doctor replaced that girl’s head and putted celty’s head o.o so thats wat happaned to that other girl’s friend

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    I want the download

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