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"Love and Cherish"
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Episode Summary: Seiji and the red-haired girl are in the park. When Seiji leaves to buy drinks, the red-haired girl drops his phone into a fountain. Namie becomes nervous because Seiji cannot be contacted or found. Worried that the police might find him, Namie decides to handle the situation herself and goes to talk with Izaya. She remembers her childhood where she and Seiji were often together while in the care of their uncle. Namie asks Izaya to find Seiji. After she learns Seiji has fallen in love with the head in her uncle's study, she moves it to Yagiri Pharmaceuticals. Shortly after, the head is stolen. One day, Seiji calls her to say that he apparently killed Mika Harima after she crept into his room and discovered the stolen head. Izaya informs Namie that Seiji will be shortly in police custody. The girl receives a message on her cell phone saying she is being pursued and attempts to run away with Seiji. They pass Celty and Shizuo and she recognizes the girl's face as her own. She chases after her. Shizuo stops Seiji and becomes infuriated at how Seiji says he loves the red-haired girl. After stabbing Shizuo, Seiji chases after the two women. The girl bumps into Mikado, who helps her escape. Shizuo catches Seiji and leaves him with bruises. Shortly after, the police apprehend Seiji. Namie states that she had the red-haired girl created from Mika's body for Seiji. Shinra questions Celty to know what she wants to do with Harima and her head. Namie orders her men to find and retrieve the girl, and if necessary, to apply deadly force to accomplish their task. This episode is told from Namie's perspective.

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