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"With What Time Remaining"
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Episode Summary: Edgar awakens to find a button from Lydia's dress and assumes that they made love. Lydia corrects him and voices that she thinks he's despicable for calling out another girls name (but doesn't tell him whose), then sends him on his way. A painting from Mr. Slades is recognized by Edgar to be a painting from Duke Sylvanford's manner; The painting was later entrusted to Paul's father. A message from Gladys to "eradicate the prince" is written on it. Ermine appears before Edgar to fetch him. Meanwhile Kelpie attempts to take Lydia back to the Fairy World, and once foiled tells her that due to the amber Edgar has not burning, it's prophesy that he has only a few days to live. Cobylnau helps open a path to the Banshee by using the painting (painted with amber!) and soon after Ermine comes and takes Nico and Raven to the Fairy World as well. Parts of Edgar's past are revealed when he meets Ulysses. The episode ends with Edgar challenging Ulysses to see who's more fit to be the Blue Knight Earl!

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