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"Tell Me the Secret of Your Tears"
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Episode Summary: Edgar takes seriously the excuse he made to Lydia in front of Kelpie to actually marry her. A fairy-Coblynau who is the care taker of the moon ring sees that Lydia wears it in front of other men and does not take it off as he explains to her. He thinks its wrong to not wear it and places it on Lydias finger and tells her it can not be removen unless sir Edgar himself does. Lydia chooses a dress to wear at the ball; while she is ready to wear it the maids who dress her are having trouble putting her undergarments on, so when Raven hears Lydia scream and thinks that she is in trouble and runs in the room and sees her in her undergarments. Paul brings the lady her found in bed with him to Edgar and Lydia. Lydia says she is a banshee, they cry tears of amber they foresee a death in a clan. Raven sees Kelpie hugging Lydia and sees it as a betrayal and finally attacks. The episode ends with Ermi taking the bashee to her "real master".

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