Ebiten Episode 2 English Subbed

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"Crybaby Hakata's Stunning Transformation"

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Episode Summary: Crybaby Hakata Kanamori is pushed around by Kyoko as she attempts to recruit people for the Tenmon club, the pressure of which soon causes her to delusionally dress up as a bunny. Kyoko soon decides to take advantage of Hakata's delusions and thrusts her into a magical girl battle to bring her back to the Tenmon club.

5 Responses to “Ebiten Episode 2”

  1. MasterXemnas

    Aug 15th, 2012

    still a little dissapointing since the guy hasnt shown up but lets wait untill the next episode :P

  2. bakaushi

    Aug 15th, 2012

    Still a little happy because the guy hasn’t shown up :P

  3. BitNdragon

    Aug 16th, 2012

    is that one girl that is flat chested supposed to be the guy in disguise cause if not im a little confused as to where he is

  4. Sugoisan

    Aug 16th, 2012

    FINALLY! what has it been? 4 weeks… Who ever subs this anime must have this one on the bottom of the list.

    On another note, XD all this anime does is mock common anime theme’s lol but thats okay!

  5. Sugoisan

    Aug 16th, 2012

    I think that the info thing that you all read was wrong, I don’t think there is a guy. its a comedy. not a romance.

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