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"Beautiful Dreamers"

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Episode Summary: With everything settled and Itsuki reverted to his normal form, the school prepares for a culture festival. As Kyoko questions Izumiko over why she likes Itsuki, she explains how she initially hated him when he transferred into her school, but warmed up to him as they started stargazing. Believing everything to be okay, Itsuki relieves Izumiko of her duty as his maid, which comes as a shock for her. Whilst following Neko-sensei the next day, Izumiko recalls how she first resisted against Itsuki's pheromone state. When Itsuki tried to jump in order to repent himself, Izumiko saved him but fell too, with Itsuki losing his memories of the incident protecting her, which he only regained following the battle with Kyoko. When Izumiko is put in trouble again after a 'telescope' tank dangles her over the edge of the building, Itsuki steps in to rescue her, confessing his love for her. They both fall, but are saved by the other club members. Afterwards, Kyoko arranged for her engagement to Itsuki to be cancelled so he can get together with Izumiko.

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  1. Sugoisan

    Sep 18th, 2012

    Good anime. was very funny

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