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"Eternal Love"

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Episode Summary: The war escalates and the allies begin to turn against each other. Van battles Dilandau and attempts to finish him off but is interrupted by Dilandau's soldier Jajuka, whose dying words cause Dilandau to revert to his original form of Allen's sister, Celena. Van prepares to kill Celena, but is interrupted by Allen claiming he will protect his sister. Hitomi manages to contact Van telepathically and ends the battle between the two. Van flies to where Hitomi is with his own wings. The feathers that fall from his wings causes the soldiers to regain their composure, ending the war. Dornkirk accepts the fact that fate can be changed and gives up on his plan. As Gaea begins to rebuild after the war, Van sends Hitomi back to her world, telling her they will always be with each other through their minds.

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