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"Still Fighting"

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Episode Summary: Ao is hunted down by the people of Iwato Jima because they still believe that he and his mother are to blame for the terrible accidents that befell the island when she appeared out of nowhere. While in the custody of local musician Kazuyuki Kinjo, Kinjo apologizes to him for what his generation has done, just as Ivica Tanovich of Generation Bleu seeks him out, realizing he is the pilot of the Nirvash. While Rebecka tries to convince the Okinawa Self Defense Forces to allow Team Pied Piper to get rid of the Scub Coral, another massive Secret appears to attack. Gazelle frees Ao who brings the boy back to the Nirvash, which he realizes must be the IFO piloted by his mother Eureka, and that he was the one meant to pilot it in her absence.

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