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"The Man With the Lightspeed Legs!"
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Episode Summary: Sena Kobayakawa manages to enter Deimon High, the same school his friend Mamori Anezaki is currently attending. On his first day, all goes well until he runs into three bullies known as The Ha-Ha Brothers. As they drag him into the Football club to beat him up, Ryokan Kurita arrives and scares them away, thinking they wanted to join the Football club. Sena asks to be the team manager for Deimon Devil Bats and becomes friends with Kurita. On the way home, he again runs into the Ha-Ha brothers, who attempt to take his phone to find Kurita and assault him. Sena manages to run away from them, revealing his great speed and agility. Yoichi Hiruma happens to witness Sena's abilities as he escapes from the bullies. The next day, Hiruma forces Sena to join the team as a running back under the alias Eyeshield 21.

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