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"Mediocre Power"
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Episode Summary: Hiruma tells Sena that he has to blitz Agon on every play, but it just doesn't seem to work. Once, while Agon is about to pass the ball, he says that they are getting a "game over," which makes Sena suddenly furious, to the point where he forgets he is in a game and jumps to attack Agon, who dodges, but is slightly disturbed. After a while, Shinryuji goes with a run, which in reality is a trap. Sanzo back passes to Agon just as Sena rushes up. Because of Sena's intense concentration on Agon, Sena somehow sees the football, even though it is in his blind spot, and knocks it away with a superhuman jump to the side. Everybody goes for the ball, and Juumonji manages to get it, thanks to Kurita. As he runs with the ball, Agon catches up and stops him. Juumonji, realizing what Sena had to go through, takes one more step and crosses the goal line. It seems that everything will be all right, but then Sena's legs start to have problems, and Doburoku cools them down with an ice pack. In the meantime, Unsui notices that Agon has acknowledged Sena as a rival, and thinks that it's great. An intense rivalry aura develops between Agon and Sena, and Shin once again notes that Sena will be improving to no limits.

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