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"Fighting to be Number One"
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Episode Summary: At the beginning of the episode Shin comments that even though each individual in Deimon is lacking, as a team they are already regarded as the strongest in Kanto, hinting the result of the game. This episode centers around Monta's individual battle with Ikkyu. Monta wins Ikyuu in an aerial battle by snatching the ball away from him in mid-air, and scores a touchdown by successfully catching a long pass. Ikkyu finally admits Monta as a rival but still states that the 'Number One' in Kanto is still himself. Monta's successful touchdown brought back a momentum to the Devil Bats. Near the end of the episode Agon shows his true strength by imitating Sena's Devil Bat Ghost and passing Sena with it, proving the reign of natural physical talent such as himself as compared to the Sena who had completed the move by intensive training. Sena's knee starts hurting after he used Devil Bat Ghost too many times and caused an 'act' incident between Hiruma and Musashi about the future of a sports player. In the next play, Eyeshield 21 intercepts Unsui's 'Tranquil Reflections' by abandoning the post of defending the prodigy, Agon.

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