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"Ground Battle After the Rain"
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Episode Summary: Sena uses a speed-boost to compete in power with Shin (playing leadblock,) who knocks him away with some effort, giving Hiruma the chance to tackle the runner. However, the speed-boost and many Devilbat Ghosts in the first half, end up being to big a burden on Sena’s legs and the give out on the next play. Hiruma tells him to keep playing but not run anymore, giving him chance to rest his legs. Everyone is now so focused on stopping Shin that it’s obvious to Ichiro Takami, but Hiruma doesn’t stop them from going after Shin. Takami uses the Everest Pass but it turns out that Monta was still focused at Sakuraba. Knowing he can’t make it if he looks back at the ball, Monta jumps up without looking.

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