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"Devil's Wings"
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Episode Summary: Deimon makes a safety, making the score 20-15 and getting the ball back. Yukimitsu collapses having played longer than ever and Monta's endurance is also shown to have run out. Sena tells him he will pass Shin. To get past him, Sena uses the Devilbat Hurricane right away followed by the Devil Stun Gun. It turns out not to not be enough and Sena lets go of the ball. As Sakuraba tries to catch the ball, Monta comes after him and pushes him out of bounds, keeping possession on Deimon's side. Having used the last of his energy and is about to collapse, Monta is caught by his hero, Honjo-san (old baseball player). With his hero telling him not to give up until the end, Monta is ones again fired up.

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