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"A Deep Attachment"
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Episode Summary: 3 yards till the goal line and 1:21 minute left. Sena goes for a Devilbat Dive as Monta goes for a catch pose, leaving the choice to Hiruma. With the first two attempts Sena gets stopped 1 cm from the goalline by Shin. Deimon’s last down and with the same setup Sena tries to make a pass to Monta as he does a high dive, but Shin causes a bad pass. Sakuraba has the advantage with his position but Monta makes a one-handed catch! Score 20-22 and less than a minute left as Oujou is coming up the field fast. Ishimaru (trackteam) gets injured and Hiruma struggles who to replace him with, until he sees the look in the exhausted Yukimitsu’s eyes. With only 10 seconds left Shin goes on a bulldozing run. Two of the Ha-Ha brothers with the help of Yukimitsu finally take him down, but it’s unclear if it’s a touchdown or not.

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